Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Time runs away and why I plant perennial herbs

You know how life occasionally takes over and you feel like you have too much to do in too little time? Well, than was my week/ weekend thus far.  Gardening season is a very busy time for us, then add in a hubinator who travels and is currently travelling? As a professional homemaker and aspiring homesteader, I greatly feel the loss of those two extra hands. I also try to spend that time wisely, while I don't have another person to worry about.  It's a mixed blessing. That's when life gets away from me and important projects can get lost in the melee of revelling in freedom to make a mess in the kitchen and not have to clean up for dinner, or testing oddball recipes.  Needless to say...this week has been a busy one.
I have had a happy reception to my new blog and FB page, I have had followers and friends tell me they love the content. I have even had some requests about future posts. I value you and your input. This is why keep going, these comments are what keep me posting. I am so pleased to hear you like what I have to say.
That being said, I hated that I haven't gotten to my regular Monday post and I know you all understand. So I will leave you with this little snippet on gardening with herbs, inspired by an old friend of mine.

When you plant herbs, choose perennials, don't waste your time on annual herbs.  Herb bunches are cheap enough to buy, even organic but the plants don't produce enough for the time or space spent on cultivating them.

Dedicate space for thyme and oregano permanently in your garden.  Italian Parsley is biennial, meaning it will last a couple (or more) years.  Lavender and Bee balm are two that I choose to plant because I love the smell, the flower, and they are great for tea.  The only exception to my rule is basil.  Basil is quite prolific and will continue to bush as you snip off the tops for use.  And fresh basil is so tasty!  Allow enough space however, some herbs can take over, like mint.  I found oregano growing up through the weed cloth in between boxes at the start of the year!

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