Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Probiotic Lemonade


This is a wonderful way to use whey. The resulting beverage is slightly fizzy and full of good gut bacteria. It is not very sweet as the bacteria have processed the sugar and turned it into lactic acid. How it happens. I like to add a touch of filtered sparkling water and a bit of turbinado sugar, serve over ice!

  • 2 cups Meyer lemon juice (regular lemons will be fine as well as a mixture of limes and lemons)

  • 2 quarts filtered water

  • ½ cup whey

  • ½ cup sugar

Combine lemon juice and sugar in ½ gallon Mason jar. Mix until sugar is dissolved (I shake the jar vigorously). Pour in whey and add water until the jar is full. Close with lid and place in a dark spot out of the way for 3-5 days. You may want to “burp” your lemonade each day -Open the lid to release the pressure built up from the fermenting process. Refrigerate and enjoy!

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